The Biggest Secrets in the NFL Revealed, According to Bad Lip Reading

Ever wonder what those NFL players are saying on the sidelines? Wonder no more. Watch the video and find out.

Peyton Manning is grossed out by old folks, allergies, denim golf jeans and Voldemort. Yeah, right.

Nope, it's just another round of NFL Bad Lip Readings. The first NFL video got over 47 million views, and this second installment is sure to top it.

The video reveals some of the biggest secrets in the NFL, including Tom Brady talking about his toys, Andrew Luck dishing on his rap battles with Uncle Jimmy, and Colin Kaepernick remembering his times as a secret agent.

Check out the video above to see your favorite football stars saying totally out-of-character ridiculous phrases. And if you're looking for some extra fun on Super Bowl Sunday, look on the sidelines during the game and try to come up with your own crazy lip readings.

In case you missed Part One of NFL Bad Lip Readings, check out last year's video below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock