10 NFL Draft Terms You Should Know

Confused by all the jargon draft "experts" are using? Learn the true meaning of 10 of the experts' favorite draft terms through STACK's NFL Draft guide.

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NFL Draft

This has happened to you before. It's NFL Draft day, your team is on the clock, and suddenly commissioner Roger Goodell saunters to the lectern. "With its first pick, [your favorite team] selects [some player you've never of], defensive end out of [college you might've seen on TV]."

"Is that a good pick," you ask yourself? The draft experts on TV chime in with their take.

"Now I like this guy right here," says Jon Gruden. Sounds like a promising endorsement from the old coach, but then again, Gruden's never met a draft prospect he didn't like.

"This player has tremendous upside as a five-technique," says draft guru Mel Kiper.

"Is that good," you continue to wonder? "Should I be excited about a 'high-upside' guy?"

Then draft pundit Todd McShay chirps up, saying he doesn't like high-upside guys. He views your pick as a "tweener" at his position.

'"Oh boy. What are these people talking about?"

If you've been confused by draft day jargon, you're not alone. Scouts, coaches and analysts use a lingo all their own when talking about prospective players. To cut through the noise and help you decipher draft-day chatter, here's a guide to 10 insider terms you should know.

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