NFL Announces New Mobile Game on Android

Learn more about "NFL Matchups," the new mobile game from the NFL, available now for Android devices.

NFL Matchups

The National Football League and its players association have linked up with online social gaming company DeNA to create a mobile social card game—NFL Matchups. The game upgrades the old-time hobby of collecting football cards by bringing it into the mobile realm. NFL Matchups challenges users to create the best football card collection.

According Business Wire, "In NFL Matchups each gamer competes to win new offensive and defensive playmakers as they build a top-notch collection of digital player cards. Users take their collection into head-to-head gridiron contests where each player's unique stats, in combination with strategic offensive and defensive formation choices, can give them an edge. With league and tour gameplay modes, gamers can evolve the players on their squad over time to improve their stats and build the ultimate digital trading card collection."

The game gives fans the unique opportunity to test their NFL knowledge and gives them a new platform to exercise that knowledge by interacting with their favorite players in a competitive sphere. Winning requires a keen understanding of the strategy and skill behind game-day decision making.

With NFL Matchups, fans can now run their own squad however they see fit.

NFL Matchups is currently available for free download on Android. It will soon arrive on the iPhone and iPad.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock