NFL QB Prospect Patrick Mahomes Had No Clue He'd Thrown for More Than 700 Yards Against Oklahoma

He set an NCAA single-game passing record and didn't even know it.

As the 2017 NFL Draft rapidly approaches, you're going to start hearing Patrick Mahomes' name a lot. The gunslinging Texas Tech quarterback is already rocketing up draft boards, to the point where several respected draft analysts have said they wouldn't be surprised if he will be the first quarterback taken off the board. That's a bold statement when you consider his quarterback competition, with guys like Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky and DeShone Kizer all available; but Mahomes' combination of size, speed and arm strength make him as tantalizing a prospect as any of those guys. And oh yeah, he threw for over 700 yards in a single game this season.

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It happened against Oklahoma in mid-October, when Mahomes was asked to throw the ball a whopping 88 times to try and keep up with the Sooners offense, which dropped 66 points. Mahomes finished with 734 yards passing to go along with five touchdowns. It wasn't enough to down Oklahoma, but Mahomes set the NCAA record for most passing yards in a single game, and his performance will forever be part of his legacy. Even wilder? Mahomes had no idea what he'd accomplished until he spoke with a teammate in the fourth quarter.

"One of my roommates from my freshman year, he came and sat beside me and was like, 'Dude, you've thrown the ball like 77 times for like 700 passing yards,'" Mahomes told STACK. "I was like, 'I did not even notice that. I was just out there throwing that thing."

Mahomes said he wishes his Red Raiders had won the game, but something tells us no one will remember the outcome a few years from now. Conversely, Mahomes' passing record will live forever.

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