NFL Week 10: The Best Stuff You Missed

A kicker who hit the upright four times, a punter who ran like Tyreek Hill, and the most beautiful hurdle in NFL history. It all went down this weekend.

That's One Fast Punter!

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That\'s One Fast Punter!

Johnny Townsend can scoot: 42 yards on that scamper. #LACvsOAK

— Ben Krimmel (@BenKrimmel) November 11, 2018


This season has not been much fun for the Oakland Raiders.

That trend continued during their 20-6 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, but there was one bright spot for the silver and black.

Early in the game, Oakland punter Johnny Townsend took off for 42 yards on a beautifully-executed fake punt.

Townsend hit an incredible top speed of 20.48 miles per hour on the scamper.

Considering only Melvin Gordon hit a faster ballcarrier speed during this game, that's some serious speed for a punter.

The Raiders are a miserable 1-8 right now, so they should probably just let Townsend run a fake punt at every opportunity.

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