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The Biggest Ballerina You've Ever Seen

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The Biggest Ballerina You\'ve Ever Seen

Malcolm Brown: Full-time football player, part-time tightrope walker #LARvsNO

— FOX Sports: NFL (@NFLonFOX) November 4, 2018


Put yourself in Malcolm Brown's shoes as soon as he makes this catch.

How many yards do you think you could get before you got tackled?

Two? Three?

The simple fact Brown thought he could get into the end zone here shows that having freak athleticism breeds some serious audacity.

Despite having his legs undercut in mid-air, Brown is still somehow able to pirouette his feet inbounds and dive across the goal line.

It's a move that easily could've resulted in a broken neck for a lesser athlete, but Brown's mind-boggling body control allows him to pull it off.

How a man who's 5-foot-11, 222 pounds can move like a ballerina is a mystery to me.

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