Gear Up, Gamers: EA Sports "NHL 13" to be Released Sept. 11

Check out STACK's preview of NHL 13 to find out what's new in this year's edition.

NHL 13

With the EA Sports NHL 13 release date rapidly approaching, serious gamers are already lining up for a chance to experience the game's evolved gameplay.

The latest edition offers gamers a superb hockey experience with two new features that simulate the pro game's speed, creativity and strategy with unparalleled realism. First, True Performance Skating uses real-world physics to replicate the sensation of being on the ice. Second, the game revamps its original A.I. system with new and improved EA Sports Hockey I.Q., allowing each player to be fully aware of every other player on the ice and delivering a quicker and smarter game time experience. These new features dramatically improve player to player and player to puck interactions.

Finally, the game's GM Connected mode lets you battle it out online with up to 30 user-managed teams with a total of 750 players. GM Connected mode is great for team building, strategizing and communicating—all critical elements for winning the ultimate prize: the Stanley Cup.

EA Sports NHL 13—scheduled for release on Sept. 11 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3—is available for preorder from most major retailers for $59.99. For more information on the game, check out the official NHL 13 website.

Source: EA Sports

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