Music in Sports Roundup: Nick Young Compares His Presence to Michael Jackson and Prince

Don't miss what went down last week in the intersection of music and sports.

Each week, STACK brings you the latest news blending the worlds of music and sports. Scroll down to see Charles Barkley singing "Glory, Glory to Ol' Georgia," Shavlik Randolph rocking out on the piano, Haloti Ngata's war dance, and Justin Timberlake's reply when someone called him a Memphis bandwagon fan on Twitter.

13. Didier Drogba
Caption: Eh Dieu!!! Voilà affaire laaa @sergebeynaud_official commentateurs...commentez!!!! #okéninkpin #releverLeDefi #abidjanLaJoie

12. Jose Altuve via Salvador Perez

Caption: Parte 3 menor calentando @josealtuve27

11. Luis Ugueto, Alcides Escobar
Caption: Mierda compadre eres tu dime primo @freddyparejo_g32 @luisugueto

10. Tre Mason 
Caption: #RAMpage with my family after a great win! @chauncey21mason @mfarber136 @brandonfrazier21 @d_castillo1

9. UVA Football / Journey

8. L.A. Clippers / Kid Ink

7. Charles Barkley

6. Jet McKinnon via Antonio Richardson


5. Damian Lillard Caption: #4barfriday ... #explosive #WestCoastSh**

4. Memphis Grizzlies / Justin Timberlake

Caption: Bandwagon since 2001. #GreaterMemphis #TeamTN #TNkids

3. Shavlik Randolph
Caption: Had to do a little something.

2. Haloti Ngata

1. Nick Young

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock