Nike Manchester United Collection Finds Inspiration in Unusual Place

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Danny Welbeck - Nike Sportswear Manchester United Collection
For decades, Nike has drawn inspiration for its apparel and footwear from the world's elite athletes. For its new Manchester United line, however, the brand is going in a different direction: an up-and-comer. By making young Man U forward Danny Welbeck the focus of its new apparel line, Nike offers hope and inspiration to any young athlete working to overcome adversity.

Nike describes Welbeck as cool, polite and positive—qualities that seem to shine through in the new collection. The lookbook features Welbeck in a variety of track-inspired jackets, each with clean lines, solid colors and Manchester United branding.

Danny Welbeck Nike

Danny Welbeck Nike 2

The lineup looks sharp, but perhaps its most interesting aspect is Nike's decision to tell Welbeck's story as part of the rollout. Underneath the online lookbook is the 21-year-old's tale of overcoming an obstacle early in his career. When Welbeck was still on the juniors team, Man U called his father to report that the club would not be inviting his son back. His father waited several weeks before revealing the news, because he was concerned that the rejection would crush his son. But when he finally did tell him, Welbeck said, "Why didn't you just tell me, Dad? It's not a problem." Welbeck worked harder, and he soon found himself back at Manchester United, where he's currently leading a talented young squad.

Welbeck's glass-half-full approach is perfect for athletes struggling to make it to the next level. Read his entire story and check out the Man U line on

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