Nike SPARQ Training Shoe

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What do you get when you combine Nike, SPARQ and super trainer Tom Shaw? The leanest, most responsive workout shoes Nike's ever produced.

"The SPARQ shoe doesn't have a heel," says Shaw, who's coached the past six Super Bowl MVPs. "So it's very similar to a track spike. When you push your foot into the ground, you have instant feedback; you're able to react."

Rapid reaction time was only one of Nike's goals for the shoe. The SPARQ trainer is light, low to the ground and incredibly responsive. "They've also got a good grip on the bottom," says Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who's been wearing the shoes for off-season workout programs that include box jumping and shuttle runs.

The shoes are just a part of Nike's collection of SPARQ [Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness] training equipment, which is designed around these various components of athleticism, as well as improving balance, coordination and foot speed.

Need a coach to get your motor running? Nike's got it covered. The company has partnered with nearly a thousand top-flight trainers to help athletes gain the most from their workouts.

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