Nike+ Sportswatch With GPS

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Continuing to add more technology to its running products, Nike+ unveiled a new sportswatch with GPS. As reported on, "The GPS, powered by TomTom, works along with a shoe sensor to make sure you get the best running data possible. The user interface is a tap interface—unbelievably simple to use. It is obvious Nike had its user-experience guys working on this one. Just a few menu items are on screen in easy-to-read text. You tap it to mark laps, activate the backlight, check out your progress.

"A USB port is on the watch to allow for easy recharging and data uploading. All the data goes to the website, a fairly robust site allowing runners to track their running goals, get coaching tips, map runs, even brag to their friends about their running achievements via Facebook." adds, "The watch will congratulate you for setting and making your own personal running goals, such as the fastest time or the longest distance."

The Nike+ sportswatch with GPS will be available in April and will retail for approximately $200-$300.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock