Nike Zoom Forever XC 3 Adds Traction and Comfort to Your Stride

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Track meets can come down to tenths or even hundredths of a second, so shaving any amount of time can mean the difference between first place and off-the-podium. To help cut down your times, Nike introduces the Zoom Forever XC 3 track shoes. These super light shoes focus heavily on traction and fit to provide the fastest t&f shoes on the market.

Nike Zoom Forever XC 3 Track and Field Shoe — $90

To ensure a snug fit, the Nike Zoom Forever XC 3 uses "no-sew" construction with multiple overlays designed to lock the foot in place. With an ultra-breathable, single mesh layer along the top of the shoe, XC3 offers a tight yet comfortable fit.

Once the foot is secured to the shoe, traction becomes the focus. With better traction you can generate more force when you push forward, resulting in faster times. To improve traction, Nike used a combination of Waffle lugs and strategically-placed, durable spikes. Together, the two are designed to grip nearly any surface in any condition.

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