The 2013 No Excuse Workout Guide

No excuses this year! Check out STACK's No Excuse Workout Guide to make sure you keep your resolution to work out more this year.

The "I'm Too Busy" Excuse

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Please, tell us more about how busy you are! We'd all love to hear about it. The "busy" excuse doesn't work for many reasons, the main one being that everyone is busy. Thousands of people in the U.S. work two jobs, take care of their families, volunteer for charity work and still find time to work out. We understand you may not have an hour to go to the gym each day, but you don't need to put in long hours to get your body right any more.

Workouts like our 3-Minute Core Workout and 15-Minute Workouts For Every Sport take minimal time out of your day while still providing the training you need. Oh, you're still going on about how busy you are? We couldn't hear you over your flabby arms.

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