No Gym? No Problem: The Simplest Travel Workout Ever

This workout can be done anywhere, any time.

Traveling can be tough. Whether you're traveling for work or for fun, working out on the road can feel like an uphill battle. But the good news is that you don't need to spend hours at a gym to get an effective workout. Below is a ridiculously simple two-exercise workout that effectively targets your entire body. No equipment needed for this one, so you've got no excuses. This workout can be done anywhere, any time. You can utilize the stopwatch feature on your phone to help keep time.

Exercise 1: Inchworms With 2 Push-Ups

Inchworms are an excellent multi-joint exercise that will increase strength and muscle endurance. Inchworms will be felt most in the shoulders and core. The addition of two Push-ups at the top of the Inchworm makes this already tough movement even tougher, adding an additional focus on the chest and triceps.

Exercise 2: Bodyweight Reverse Lunges

Reverse Lunges are a great dynamic movement that helps build overall leg strength with an extra emphasis on the glutes. Compared to frontal lunges, reverse lunges require less weight transfer and are easier on the knees. If you find the balance aspect of this exercise too difficult, start with Split Squats and alternate legs halfway through your set.

The Breakdown:

This is a 20-minute EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) workout. This means that you'll perform 3-5 Inchworms with Push-Ups at the beginning of every minute, and then perform Reverse Lunges during whatever time remains before the next minute. You can toy with the number of Inchworm reps so that you're consistently spending about 30-35 seconds on Inchworms and 25-30 seconds on Reverse Lunges.


20 Rounds/ 20 Minutes

On the Minute: 5 inchworms with 2 Push-Ups

Time left before the beginning of next minute: Reverse Lunges

* Decrease time from 20 Minutes to 10 Minutes if needed.

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Photo Credit: wundervisuals/iStock