Northwest Missouri State Football Players Will Wear Helmet Decals That Show Their GPAs

Northwest Missouri State players with GPAs over 3.0 will wear special academic performance helmet stickers this season.

Helmet stickers have long been a tradition in college football.

Ohio State has their buckeye leaves. Florida State has their tomahawks. And Northwest Missouri State has their . . . GPA?

Yes, according to the team's equipment managers, any player with a GPA over 3.0 will be eligible to wear a helmet sticker that shows his  GPA, academic advisor and major:

Getting some extra swag for a strong performance in the classroom is a great idea in our book. What's cooler than scoring six while sporting a 4.0 on your helmet?

Northwestern Missouri State also takes care of business on the football field. The team has captured five NCAA Division II Championships since 1998. They enter the 2016 season as the top-ranked Division II team in the nation.

Do you think their GPA helmet stickers have the potential to catch on with other teams in college football?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock