Not Even a Flood Can Stop J.J. Watt From Working Out

J.J. Watt will not be deterred by a pesky natural disaster.


After over a foot of rainfall hit the Houston area on Monday, causing massive flooding and prompting Texas Governor Greg Abbott to declare a state of disaster in nine counties, Houston residents were instructed to stay in their homes and avoid using roads. Seeing as how this video depicts a few lone wolves driving their cars directly into lakes that were once streets and escaping while their cars became submerged under water, that state of disaster thing is no joke.

Houston Texans Locker Room

J.J. Watt

But J.J. Watt does not abide by the laws of humans. Much like Thor, he answers to a higher power. Danger and common sense be damned, Watt wasn't about to let a dire warning by the Governor of Texas stop him from getting his swoll on. Watt posted two photos to his Snapchat account Monday, the first of the Houston Texans training facility and the second depicting the All-Pro defensive end inside said facility. Whether by car, boat or freestyle swim stroke through the flood like an oversized fish, Watt stuck it to Mother Nature.

J.J. Watt: a man who must work out even in the midst of a natural disaster.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock