Oakland Athletics' Ball Boy Makes Amazing Catch, Saves Fans From Foul Ball

This Oakland A's ball boy needs a cape, because he's Superman.

Oakland Athletics Ball Boy

In the top of the third inning of the Oakland Athletics game against the Kansas City Royals, fans witnessed an amazing catch. But it wasn't made by a player on the field.

Kansas City's Christian Colon hit a line drive foul ball down the first base line that was heading straight for the fans when all of the sudden, the A's ball boy jumped up and saved the day.

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Leaping off one leg, body fully extended, the young hero snagged the ball, saving fans from what could've been a painful experience. Watch the pitcher in the bullpen flinch in fear as the ball rips down the line.

After he catches the ball, the ball boy confidently walks over to the stands and tosses it to a lucky fan, acting like it's just another day on the job. Watch his impressive grab in the video below.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock