Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses Will Coach You While You Train (Seriously)

What do you get when you cross awesome eyewear with a computerized coaching app? Pure awesomeness.

Oakley Radar Pace smart sunglasses are the perfect accessory for endurance athletes who want to protect their eyes and improve their performance with a single product.

Essentially, Oakley Radar Pace sunglasses are classic Oakley athletic sunglasses. They feature Oakley's cutting-edge lenses, which block harmful UV rays and protect your eyes from impact without sacrificing visual clarity.

You can read more about Oakley's cutting-edge lens technology here.

Oakley Radar Pace Sunglasses

However, compared to Oakley's standard product, the Radar Pace glasses have temple arms that are larger towards the hinge. That's where Oakley inserted a tiny Intel-designed computer that turns the sunglasses into a bonafide workout tracker and performance coach.

To utilize these smart features, you must pair the sunglasses to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The Oakley Radar Pace app—available on the App Store and Google Play—takes you through a simple setup process before accessing the workout portal.

The Radar Pace App creates a custom workout program based on your fitness goals, ability and schedule. Then it sends workout cues through its two headphones—Oakley calls them "Ear Booms"—which attach via micro-USB on the underside of the temple arms.

A built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and pressure, humidity and proximity sensors track your workout, so the program knows if you're training at the correct intensity. If not, the built-in "coach" will tell you to increase or decrease your pace. The sunglasses can also be paired to external sensors, such as a heart rate monitor, for more precise coaching.

While you are running or cycling, you can ask the sunglasses questions, such as "OK Radar, what's my pace?" and the coach will respond with your current pace. Or ask, "OK Radar, what's my workout today?" and it will provide an overview of the workout planned for the day.

You can also control music, volume and take phone calls while on the move by tapping or swiping the touchpad located on each temple arm.

Each of these features make Oakley Radar Pace a worthy addition to your collection of workout gear. For more information, visit Oakley.com.

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