Odell Beckham, Jr.'s Freakish Cousin Terron Beckham Posted a 4.4 40-Yard Dash and 10'8" Broad Jump in Training

At a mock Pro Day at TEST, Terron Beckham posted numbers that would rank him among the top running backs at the NFL Combine.

You've heard about Terron Beckham's astounding numbers in the Bench Press and the Vertical Jump. He's strong and he can jump high, no doubt. However, a recurring questions about this intriguing prospect has been whether he can run and change directions.

If his recent mock Pro Day at TEST Football Academy is any indication, yes—the dude can move. With a little over a week remaining until Terron's official Pro Day on April 7, the coaches at TEST wanted to put him through the paces. Since Terron apparently likes to challenge himself, he decided to go into the mock Pro Day a little worn down. According to a recent Instagram post, the NFL hopeful entered the session low on carbs and running on just six hours of sleep. "They say they want to see you at your worst so I challenged myself to do the same," Beckham wrote.

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Despite the fact that he wasn't at 100 percent, Terron posted eye-popping numbers. The 5-foot-11, 230-pound running back clocked a 4.49 in the 40-Yard Dash, a 128-inch Broad Jump and a 6.86-second 3-Cone Drill. He also recorded a 43.5-inch Vertical Jump. He did not perform the Bench Press, but we've seen him put up 40-plus reps before.

Let's compare Terron's numbers to the running backs at the 2016 NFL Combine. His 40 time would have tied him for 10th-best result. His Broad jump would've been fourth-best. His 3-Cone would've been third-best. His Vertical Jump would've been the best by two full inches. He didn't Bench Press at the mock Pro Day, but if he had, he probably would've crushed the top running back result of 30 reps.

For what it's worth, Terron's Vert and Broad Jumps surpassed those of his cousin, Odell Beckham, Jr., although he's over 30 pounds heavier. Odell posted a 38.5-inch Vert and a 122-inch Broad Jump at the 2014 NFL Combine, to go along with a 4.43 40-Yard Dash and a 6.69 3-Cone Drill.

Kevin Dunn, CEO and Owner of TEST, believes Terron's athleticism could make him a steal for a franchise that's willing to be patient with his development. "I think there's opportunity for him. I think there's definitely opportunity to hit a practice squad and develop over these next few years. He hasn't had the college football experience, so he is going to still need some more developing time," Dunn said. "But if that comes together, it could be the perfect storm for a team. It's not every day I'm watching a guy put up 40-plus reps in the Bench test, jumping an 11-6 Broad [Jump], [and] clocking a sub-4.50 laser-timed 40-Yard Dash."

If you're wondering who the heck is Terron Beckham, check out our full profile of the 24-year-old fitness model turned freakishly athletic NFL prospect.

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