Ohio State's Football Team Held a Team Dunk Contest That Rivaled the NBA's

Ohio State football players can throw down some monster dunks.

If you missed the 2017 NBA Dunk Contest, you didn't miss much. Compared to previous years, the 2017 contest was a huge disappointment. But if you are still craving to see some high-flying dunks, look no further than the Ohio State Buckeyes football team.

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Wednesday was supposed to be the last day of mat drills for the team, but instead it turned into a full-blown dunk contest.

The contestants were cornerback Denzel Ward, wide receiver Parris Campbell, running back Demario McCall, offensive lineman Isaiah Prince, tight end Luke Farrell, wide receiver Binjimen Victor, defensive linemen Rashod Berry and linebacker Malik Harrison.

After the preliminary rounds, the three finalists were Ferrell, Berry and Harrison, and they threw down the most impressive slams. Ferrell, the 6-6, 245-pound tight end, threw down a reverse 360 one-handed jam. Berry, the 6-foot-4, 252-pound defensive lineman, executed a scorpion dunk.

But it was the 6-foot-3, 228-pound linebacker Harrison who stole the show and won the contest by jumping over a teammate.


Check out the full dunk contest in the video below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock