Ole Miss Quarterbacks Practice Using Virtual Reality

Ole Miss is among a handful of football teams using virtual reality headsets to help players prepare for the field.

With virtual reality seeping into the mainstream of our society, the University of Mississippi football team football is using the available technology, and its massive capabilities, to its advantage.

This off-season, the Ole Miss Rebels had their quarterbacks experiment with Oculus, a virtual reality system that looks like something out of a movie set in 2050. Upon securing the VR headset, a QB is transported to the football field, with a view of his offensive formation and the defense right in front of him, according to ncaa.com. When he turns his head to find a receiver downfield or hone in on the safety, the camera moves with him as if he were really there.

After reading the defense, the QB is instructed to call for the ball to be snapped and look in the direction of his intended receiver. If he makes the correct read, the ball flies out of his virtual hand to the receiver. If he's wrong, Oculus lets him know. It's what coaches call putting their players through "mental reps," but this is an extreme form of it.

The software was developed by EON Sports, whose other clients include UCLA, Kansas, Syracuse, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and about 100 high school programs.

The future is here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock