Olympic Athletes Are Eating So Much Fast Food That the Rio McDonald's Set an Order Limit

Dear Olympians: Curb your McDonald's consumption.

Athletes need their calories, and they need a lot of them. After hours of training and intense competition, replenishing their bodies and energy levels so they don't lose weight can be a monumental task. And what's going on in Rio is some next level type of eating.

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The sole McDonald's in the Olympic Village has been bumping at all hours of the day and night as athletes flock to its doors to order fries, McNuggets, Big Macs and whatever else their hearts desire. Some orders contain enough calories to feed a normal human for a full month, like Australian badminton player Sawan Serasinghe's insane haul, which totaled over 20 items, from burgers to a milkshake. Even Usain Bolt is getting in on the fast food action.

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Huge orders like Serasinghe's have caused massive lines to form at McDonald's, and plenty of items are out of stock. To keep these food-obsessed athletes at bay, the Rio McDonald's announced an order limit of 20 items. Twenty. Like athletes were ordering so much food that limiting an order to 20 things was where McDonald's had to draw the line.

The amount of fast food consumption at the 2016 Summer Olympics is legendary.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock