One Shoe, Three Flights: Air Jordan 2012 "Fly Over"

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One Shoe, Three Flights

The Air Jordan 2012 is a shoe system with three different configurations, catering to the versatile styles of individual players. Building off last year's modular system and the idea of "Choosing Your Flight," the shoe offers three interchangeable midsoles, each designed with a different performance element in mind—"fly over" for jumping, "fly through" for explosiveness and "fly around" for quickness. If your game is all about your ups, or your goal is to use elevation to your advantage, you should slip into the blue "fly over" version.

Representing a D-Wade style of play, the "fly over" midsole is designed with Nike Zoom technology in the front of the foot and an Air Sole in the heel for lightweight protection and the right amount of bounce per push off. View the video above, in which the shoe's designers chat more about the "fly over" flight plan, and check out the exclusive photos below.

Fly Over

Fly Over 2

Fly Over 1

The Air Jordan 2012 hits stores tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 25. The basic edition includes one inner sleeve and one midsole for $180 and is customizable at retail. The Deluxe Edition—with the full flight system (two inner sleeves and three midsoles)—is available in two colorways, now retailing in stores and online for $223. The Air Jordan 2012 is also available on Nike iD ($205).

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock