First Look: Oregon Ducks New Uniforms for 2012

Here's your first look at the Oregon Ducks football uniform for the 2012 season.

Oregon Uniform

You can count on seeing brand new Oregon Ducks uniforms every college football season; and Nike has just released images of the team's new look for 2012.

The new uniforms are based on the same system that the team wore in last year's Rose Bowl victory over Wisconsin. The system incorporates updated Nike Chain Maille Mesh technology, which makes the actual jersey lighter and keeps players from sweating too heavily during games. Other tech details from Nike's release: the full system of dress uses 16 different materials; the "hit zone" of each player has been beefed up with more padding; and the collars are reinforced with Flywire.

All these high tech enhancements are great, but many care more about how the uniforms look on the field. Note the new winged shoulder design, inspired by actual Duck feathers. Over the years, the team's shoulder design has evolved from this to this and finally, this.

It's tough to tell from these shots, but it looks like the Ducks could be wearing their chromed-out helmets this season. Check out more images of the Ducks system of dress below.

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2012 Nike Football Oregon Ducks Uniform Shoulder

2012 Oregon Ducks Uniform

New Nike Oregon Uniforms

Source and Photos: Nike

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock