Oregon to Wear Super Dope 'Webfoots' Throwback Uniforms to Celebrate Undefeated 1916 Season

Kicking it old school.

The University of Oregon isn't having what you'd call a "good" football season. They dropped to 2-3 after a 51-34 defeat at the hands of Washington State over the weekend. So they've decided to invoke the memory of a simpler time, when they were undefeated, and perhaps also to tend their crops after practice.

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Oregon Ducks 'Webfoots' Uniform

The Ducks are set to rock "Webfoots" throwback uniforms on Saturday, threads inspired by Oregon's undefeated season in 1916, which culminated in their first Rose Bowl victory. The unis feature blue jerseys and gold pants with "Webfoots," the school's original nickname, written above the player's numbers, lyrics of the school's original fight song written on a jersey sleeve, and the Oregon state flag plastered on the helmet.

Oregon Ducks 'Webfoots' Uniforms

Oregon Ducks 'Webfoots' Uniforms

Although 2016 might be a season to forget for the Ducks (you guys miss Chip Kelly yet?), at least they continue to churn out fire uniforms every Saturday.

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