Extreme Focus: Overcoming Limitations with Jeff Garcia

STACK Expert Dave Austin interviews former NFL Pro Bowler Jeff Garcia on overcoming limitations with mental acuity.

Have you ever been told you can't do something? Former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia was told his whole life that he couldn't compete at the next level. He never got discouraged. He got encouraged. Watch the video below to learn why.

If Garcia had listened to his own coaches, he would not have gone on to have an 18-year pro career, four times as an NFL Pro Bowler, or to set passing records for the San Francisco 49ers.

There are always going to be people who point out your limitations. Garcia was told he was too short, too slow, his arm was too weak—on and on. He used it to improve his skills. You need to decide what voice you are going to listen to.

The more you can use your mind to work for you rather than against you, the greater an athlete you can become.

For one of my clients, a shortstop who played Double A ball for the Cincinnati Reds, the rap against him was that he was too slow with his lateral movement. He was told he couldn't cover enough ground to move up in the organization. So he went to work on his awareness levels, studying each pitch and the dynamics of each batter's swing. Result: he saw the ball coming off the bat much earlier and could move into position quicker to pick up a grounder and throw the batter out. He got so good at this, and his lateral movement improved so much, that he got to the next level in professional baseball.

There's always a way to counter any limitation. That's why you need to look at what is limiting your potential and work on moving past it.

Turning your limitations into strengths

  • Remember that only you truly know what you are capable of doing.
  • No one else can determine what motivates you.
  • Weaknesses are only weaknesses if you see them as such.
  • Work hard to make your perceived weaknesses shift into what you do best.
  • Focus on your strengths and allow them to increase.
  • Don't get discouraged. Get encouraged.

So let me ask you this: The next time someone says you can't do something, how are you going to respond?

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