Overhead Med Ball Throws With Florida Volleyball

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Want to play above the net when camp rolls around? Hip extension is 40 percent of your vertical jump, according to Matt DeLancey, volleyball strength and conditioning coach for the University of Florida Gators, a perennial powerhouse.

"In order to have great hip extension, you've got have great hip flexion," DeLancey says. "[If] you're not doing any med ball tosses, your volume on your jump training program is going to be a lot higher. You're going to have a lot more wear and tear on your body."

One way DeLancey ensures that his nationally ranked Gators continually play above their competition is by improving their hip strength. Once a week during the off-season, his athletes perform Overhead Med Ball Throws with a partner.

Overhead Med Ball Throw
Have partner stand 10 yards behind you
•    In athletic stance, hold med ball at chest height with arms fully extended
•    Perform semi-squat while bringing med ball between legs
•    Explosively jump out of squat and throw med ball overhead to partner
•    Turn and catch ball from partner
•    Repeat 40 times

Coaching Points: Bring ball between knees and shoot butt back // Forcefully extend hips forward during follow through // Keep back as straight as possible

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock