LOOK: Eddie Lacy Isn't Fat Anymore Thanks to P90X

Check out Eddie Lacy's progress as he works to lose weight following the worst season of his career.

At the start of the NFL off-season, Packers head coach Mike McCarthy gave Eddie Lacy an ultimatum—either lose weight or lose your job.

The Pro Bowl running back had a down year in 2015, totaling a career-low 758 yards. It was no coincidence that Lacy also seemed to be carrying extra pounds, especially around his belly. Though he's always been a big back, Lacy ballooned up last season, and his conditioning appeared subpar. Some reports pegged his weight at around 260 pounds, a far cry from his listed weight of 234.

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The good news is that Lacy took McCarthy's message to heart. In late January, we wrote about his plan to slim down, which included performing P90X. Tony Horton, the founder of P90X, actually reached out to Lacy and offered to train him. Based on this recent photo, it looks like Lacy took him up on it:

Eddie Lacy Slimmed Down

That photo, which has since been removed from Facebook, shows a slimmed-down Lacy standing with Horton and Bobby Stephenson, a man who appears in many of Horton's fitness videos.

Lacy certainly looks like he's lost some weight, especially in his midsection. Compare that photo to this one of him playing last season:

Eddie Lacy 2015

There's no doubt Lacy's lost some weight, which bodes well for his having a bounce-back year in 2016. He also hasn't tweeted about food in a while, which is a good sign.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock