Packing on Muscle With NFL Draft Stars

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To make it to the next level, you must consistently hit the gym with an intense training program. For illustration, check this out from "Jon Lee, editor of Texas A&M's official athletics site, dipped into the archives earlier this week to compare Von Miller, the 210-pound freshman who showed up in College Station in 2007, to Von Miller, the 240-pound All-American who was taken with the second overall pick in last week's NFL Draft."

Compare Miller's high school and Combine photos [below] to see the difference wrought by his intensive training program. Without it, Miller would not have been such a standout at Texas A&M, and he certainly would not have gone second in the NFL Draft.

The story is the same for other first round NFL Draftees, some of whom STACK covered in our recent "Path to the Pros" video series. Check out the differences in recruiting weight and draft weight in the chart below to appreciate the incredible results attained by these future NFL stars.

Leading the pack is STACKlete Nate Solder, who packed on a whopping 65 pounds during his college years. Transformations like these are quite common among D-I recruits. According to sportswriter Matt Hinton, "Including Miller, more than half of this year's first-round picks gained at least 25 pounds between signing day and Draft day, and a handful of the linemen put on twice that."

The takeaway for high school athletes? Packing on muscle is a slow, year-by-year process driven by natural development, hard work and proper nutrition. Building muscle takes time, so be patient and keep working hard. Don't be discouraged by the fact that you don't look like the 240-pound Von Miller. Chances are, you do look like the 17-year-old 210-pound Von Miller.

For inspiration, take another look at some videos (above) from our "Path to the Pros" series, featuring:

Von Miller

Nick Fairley

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