Unlock Panera Bread's Secret 'Power Menu'

Did you know Panera Bread has a secret menu? Check out all the new items you can order, even though you won't find them on the main menu.

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Panera Bread Secret Menu

Since most restaurants are pushing their "healthy" menus, Panera Bread is taking a different approach. After a successful test run in New York last year, Panera has launched six healthy "off-the-menu" options, two for breakfast and four lunch/dinner combos, all high in protein and low in carbs (Panera attempted to limit the processed carbs used in each).

Nobody is sure why the restaurant chain is keeping the menu under wraps, but Panera's "Power Menu" has been available nationwide since Jan. 2. There is not a single mention of the "off-the-menu" items in the restaurant, so we were a bit hesitant about ordering one during a test run. However, the cashier immediately understood our hushed request and cheerfully handed us a laminated "Power Menu."

Want to learn about Panera Bread's secret menu? Click through the slide show for easier ways to power your performance on the go.

Photo: talkingchestercounty.com

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