Pelicans Guard Eric Gordon Is Working Hard This Off-Season To Attract Offers From Other NBA Teams

Check out the hard work that Eric Gordon is putting in this off-season to impress scouts on other NBA teams.

Eric Gordon

It's free agency time in the NBA, and there have already been some big signings that will shake up the league next season. The biggest free agent, Kevin Durant, has not yet chosen his destination for next season, but other players are still trying to find their best deal. New Orleans Pelicans guard Eric Gordon has a new approach for hopefully attracting interest.

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The first time free agent isn't sitting around waiting for a team to sign him. The 27-year old is posting workout videos to his Twitter, showing teams his drive and work ethic. In the videos below, you can see Gordon perform a lower-body workout to improve his power and explosiveness. H also does a core and upper-body and band workout.



Gordon has had a rough five years with the Pelicans, dealing with injuries through most of them. He needs to prove that he can get back on the court and stay healthy so he can go back to scoring 20 points per game. Based on the videos, he is on the right track to receive a good offer and have a strong season.

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