Peyton Manning's New Magical Green Football?

Behold the powers of Peyton Manning's new lucky charm.

Peyton Manning's Green Football

That's right. It appears Peyton Manning has a new magical football, covered in bright green lycra.

Manning was seen with the ball during the Denver Broncos' OTA practice on Wednesday, and he was also spotted carrying it, snug under his arm, from the weight room to his weekly press conference.

It's "official Denver Broncos offensive business," Manning told USA Today. But we believe the green ball is meant to grant the powers of tighter ball security.

Wide receiver Demaryius Thomas was also seen with a green-clad football. Thomas carried one for parts of the 2012 season, after he fumbled in back-to-back games. Manning lost six fumbles during the regular season and yet another in his worst Super Bowl ever. The Broncos overall had 27 fumbles and 16 balls lost in 2013.

"Like I said, that's official Denver Broncos offensive business, right? It's kind of an A and B conversation and you can C your way out of it," Manning said.

It will be interesting to C how next season plays out, and whether the green's visual magic will improve the Broncos' ball security. Any greater control over the physical game (which can arise from an enchanted object) will only come, however, if the one exerting it has sufficient strength and willpower.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock