Philadelphia 76ers Band Circuit

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Jesse Wright, Philadelphia 76ers S+C consultant and program director for Summit Sports Training Center, provides a band circuit to perform 35 minutes before a game. Besides boosting your flexibility, this routine will help prevent muscle fatigue and injury.

SETS/REPS: 3 x 8-12 of each exercise in circuit fashion; rest 30-60 seconds between sets

Squat and Press

Place one band under each foot and hold opposite ends at shoulder level, close to body with palms facing each other. Perform Squat and Press with proper form.

Basketball Trunk Rotation

Wrap one end of band around fixed object at waist level, and opposite end around basketball. Holding basketball at chest level, rotate trunk as far right as possible; to center. Complete set to right; then perform to left.

Hip Flexor Stretch Swing

Wrap band just above ground around fixed object and hold opposite end with both hands. With fixed object in front, step with right foot into lunge and lower left knee to ground. Roll hips forward and down, simultaneously moving hands over left shoulder. Repeat to opposite side.

Lateral Walk

In hip-width stance, step with both feet on band, and hold excess in front of chest with elbows bent. Step right with right foot. Return to start; perform to left.

Stretch Squat

Set 18- to 24-inch box/chair to left. Stand with band under right foot and hold band excess over right shoulder. Place instep of left foot on top of box. Lower into just past quarter-squat, then drive out of that position. Return to start.

Single-Leg RDL With Shoulder Retraction

Balance on right leg with left leg flexed and off ground. Hold one end of band in each hand. Fully extend arms to sides, and pinch shoulder blades together. Bend forward at waist until upper body is parallel to ground. Return to start.

Why you should perform band work
1. Bands help boost tendon and muscle flexibility, which prevents injury. Another plus, more flexible muscles and tendons fatigue less, helping you play an entire game at your best.
2. A well-designed dynamic warm-up with bands raises your core temperature and energizes the mind-body link.
3. Bands warm you up in multiple planes, which is how basketball is played.
4. You can use different strengths of bands to customize the stretch to the level of tension each muscle needs to be properly stretched; that way you can be warmed up without fatiguing a muscle.
5. Bands are inexpensive, light and portable, which means you can perform your dynamic warm-up anywhere, like hallways and locker rooms.

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