Phone Calls With College Coaches

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You've finally found your dream school, and you are being recruited to go there. But before you start calling coaches or anyone else on the staff, find out where the NCAA stands on telephone calls before you become a full-fledged student.

1. You can make calls any time to anyone on the coaching staff, if you're paying for it. However, if you're calling collect or toll-free, college staff members can chat only if you've completed your junior year and it's after July 1.

2. After July 1 following your junior year, D-I head or assistant coaches may make calls. If you've scored attention from a Division I-A football program or a women's rowing program, a grad assistant coach may also contact you.

3. All institutional staff members can call Division II student-athlete prospects.

4. Staff members, current student-athletes or those representing athletes' interests can call Division III student-athlete prospects at any time for recruiting purposes—as long as the athletic department is informed.

5. A Division I school's president and athletic director are permitted to return calls, and there are no restrictions on content.

6. Academic advisors for Division I colleges may make and receive calls, but the calls must be related to academic or admission issues.

7. An enrolled student may contact you only if the call's content can be used to inform any prospective students and is related to general information about the college admission process.

8. One call is allowed to Division I-A and I-AA football prospects during May of your junior year. Thereafter, you'll have to wait until Sept. 1 of your senior year to be allowed to receive one call per week outside of the contact period.

9. During the contact period for D-II football, phone calls may be made at a college's discretion.

10. Division I men's basketball prospects may receive one call per month on or after June 15 of your sophomore year until July 31 of your junior year. Beginning Aug. 1, you may receive two calls per week before the beginning of your senior year.

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