Pink Football Gloves Stir Controversy

New Jersey middle school student tried wearing pink football gloves on the field—to raise awareness for his mother who suffers from breast cancer—his coach would not allow it


pink football gloves

Normally, rough and tough football players who battle it out on the gridiron don't sport pink gloves. However, when a New Jersey middle school student-athlete wore pink football gloves on the field—to raise awareness of breast cancer in honor of his mother, who suffers from the disease—his coach would not allow it.

The Egg Harbor City Crusaders football player, Julian Connerton, was proud to rep the pink gloves in support of his sick mother, Mayra Cruz-Connerton. The boy's coach, Paul Burgan, refused to allow the boy to wear the gloves because of their color. Rather than take the gloves off, Julian left the field, saying he would rather sit out.

NBC News affiliates aired Julian's story, citing his request for an apology from his coach. Julian's mother said she was proud of her son and supported his stance.

After the pink gloves story hit the media, Coach Burgan issued an apology. In the spirit of compromise, he suggested that all the players on the football team wear pink socks to raise awareness of breast cancer and support Mrs. Connerton.

On Sept. 15, Julian and his teammates wore pink socks during their football game. Adding their support, the Egg Harbor City cheerleaders sported the flashy pink socks too.

Photo: ABC News

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock