Pittsburgh Pirates' Josh Harrison Got Hit By 4 Pitches over the Course of Two Games

Josh Harrison can't stop getting hit by pitches.

Josh Harrison Hit By Pitch

When a baseball player is batting, his primary goal is to get on base. Well, Pittsburgh Pirates infielder Josh Harrison got on base four consecutive times in the past two games in the most painful way possible. Harrison didn't take the easy route to first base with a bloop single or even by drawing a walk. Nope. Harrison was hit by pitches in each of his four at-bats.

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The first two came from Chicago Cubs pitchers Jon Lester and Justin Grimm.

Yeah that hurts, but at least he got on base, right? Well the torment wasn't over for the one-time All-Star. During Monday's game against the St. Louis Cardinals, Harrison was hit by two more pitches. This time, both by Cardinals pitcher Lance Lynn.

What makes matters worse is that Harrison took all four hits on the same leg. We wouldn't be surprised if that leg was one big bruise after the two games.

Harrison must have bad luck, because according to MLB.com, only two other players in the past 80 years have had played in consecutive games when they were hit by two pitches—Jon Jay in 2014 and Craig Biggio in 2000. At least Harrison's on-base percentage went up to .378 despite only hitting .263 on the year.