Plyo Box Exercises for Women Track Athletes: Get Elevation!

Jump higher next track season by incorporating these five highly effective plyo box exercises into your workout.

High Jump

The goal for any women's track exercise is to apply max effort to engage those much-needed fast-twitch muscle fibers. These fibers are used for lateral and high jumping, exploding from the blocks and gliding across a circle. But during track season, it's nearly impossible to perform intense workouts and get adequate rest before competition.

The following women's track exercises employ plyo boxes, which are of great benefit to sprinters, throwers and jumpers. The boxes can be purchased or hand-made at various heights. These exercises can be altered. Circuit workouts using boxes are another fun way to conduct these types of workouts, so be creative.

The best part of these activities? The recovery time is only two or three days.

Elite or veteran athletes tend to require taller boxes to gain full benefit from these workouts. The workouts can be conducted inside or outside your preferred facility.


1. Two-Feet Explosive Jumps

Stand in front of box and, using both feet, jump straight up and plant both feet on top of box. Use a pad or rubber surface when stepping/hopping down to save your knees and ankles. Two sets of eight repetitions.

2. One-Foot Explosive Jumps

Stand in front of box and, using either the right or left foot, jump straight up using one foot. Plant the other foot on top of box. Step or hop down. Perform set on other leg. Note: a shorter box will be necessary for most athletes. Two sets of eight repetitions per leg.

3. Split Jumps

Stand beside box with right or left foot planted on top of box. Explode up laterally across top of box and land with opposite foot on top of box. The mid-air movement will require and build balance and coordination. Note: you may have to use a shorter box based on your leg length. Two sets of eight repetitions per leg.

4. Quick Feet

Stand in front of box, and, alternating legs as if you were walking up stairs, step up to top of box as many times as you can in time allotted. This will require the use of a smaller box. Two repetitions of 30-second intervals.

5. Big Jumps

Stand in front of a small box and, using both feet, squat down and explode up and over box. Reset and complete the same movement back. This is similar to jumping over a hurdle, except the distance across is much further. Two sets of eight repetitions.

Again, using a rubber surface on the ground will protect your knees and ankles and reduce the risk of injury. Rest time between workouts: not less than 2 minutes, to make sure your muscles recover.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock