Point Guards: Learn How to Attack in Transition

Point guards: become more valuable to your team by practicing this drill from STACK Expert Gawon Hyman to become more comfortable attacking and scoring in transition.

Point guard attacking in transition

Point guards increase their value to their teams when they can quickly score in transition. Become more comfortable shooting off an opponent's missed basket with this drill, which allows you to practice scoring from the best spots for point guards who attack in transition.


You will need three cones and a basketball. Place one cone at the top of the key and the other two at the elbows.

Point Guard Transition Drill

  • Starting at half court, take one dribble to the cone at the top of the key for a 3-pointer
  • From half court, dribble to the cone at the top of the key, cross over right to left and pull up for a jump shot at the elbow cone
  • Repeat the second step, but this time cross over left to right
  • From half court, dribble to the cone at the top of the key, cross over left to right, then cross over again (between the legs or behind the back) at the elbow cone and shoot a floater

Coaching Points

  • Perform five reps of each action.
  • Work both sides and shoot the floater with both your right and left hand.
  • Understand that these are not the only areas from which to shoot; however, they can be readily attacked to give your team options in transition.
  • This drill can be done solo or with teammates—just substitute defenders for the cones.

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