The Polar M600 Puts Great Sports Performance and Fun Entertainment at Your Fingertips

It's not just a robust training tracker. The M600 lets you stream tunes, take and answer texts, and a whole lot more.

Polar M600 Smartwatch

Go anywhere, do anything, get in-depth data on all of your activity, and have all of your favorite tunes at the ready. Those are just four of the reasons why people are so excited about Polar's M600. And we haven't even mentioned the smartwatch's biggest and most exciting new feature (but don't worry, we'll get to that in a second.)

The Polar M600 is a Robust Smartwatch for Sports

Let's start with the first three of those four benefits. The Polar M600 can hold up to 20 sport profiles, so no matter if you're running, riding, lifting or playing basketball, the M600 can keep track of your performance data. It's also waterproof for swimming and features integrated GPS, which lets you track all of your important workout data when you're on the move—your pace, distance, and altitude.

The M600 features a 6-LED optical heart rate that allows the watch to measure your heart rate directly from your wrist. That means you'll receive up-to-the-second heart rate data without the need for a chest strap. When you consider that most chest straps cost $50 or more, this all-in-one tracker is not only convenient but also can save you money.

Polar Flow along with Polar Smart Coaching features help you build training plans and follow them directly on the watch. How so? Let's say for example you need guidance training for your first 10K. The Polar Running Program, utilizing heart rate zones, personal attributes and exercise history, tailors itself to your goal and provides daily targets to work towards.

But the Polar M600 Helps Outside of Training, Too

You don't have to be working out to benefit from the data captured by the M600. It also doubles as a 24/7 fitness and sleep tracker, so you can keep a count of your steps, overall activity level, and how much sleep you're getting. The unit even gives you an inactivity alert buzz when you've been sitting still too long, as well as a running tally of how many calories you've burned throughout the day, so you'll know whether you can get that burger at lunch or opt for the salad instead.

And the Polar M600 Isn't Just Fitness, All the Time

Polar M600 Smartwatch

Physical performance data aside, some fun features are also built into this smartwatch.

For example: Music. You wouldn't guess by the watch's sleek design, but it has 4 GB of memory where you can store all of your favorite songs. Simply sync your music with Google Play, then stream it to your Bluetooth headphones while you train. The result? You can train harder (music is a proven performance enhancer) for longer and at far less risk of getting bored.

You can also get text messages on the watch—and reply to them. How? Well, because of the coolest new feature here:

The Polar M600 Works with Android Apps and Devices in Addition to iOS

Polar M600 Smartwatch

Tech-savvy athletes will be blown away by the possibilities open to them because the M600 is built on Google's Android Wear smartwatch platform.

The watch connects to your Android device and lets you browse through social media feeds as well as gives you access to more than 4,000 third-party apps in Google Play. You also get Android Wear's voice control; you can customize watch faces; and you can receive calendar notifications. And of course, it's compatible with iOS as well.

Polar M600: The Verdict

If you're the type of athlete who wants a watch capable of providing data that helps you perform better, you'll love the M600. If you're the type who also loves tech bells and whistles, you'll love it even more. The Polar M600 is available for $329.95 at


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock