Become a Better Shooter by Performing Position-Specific Drills

Check out videos of some of the best position-specific shooting drills from STACK expert Kyle Ohman.

Shooting Drills

The basic winning strategy in basketball is to put more points on the board than your opponent. But becoming a great shooter doesn't happen overnight. It takes a lot of repetition and a ton of confidence.

Your role on the team should guide you in determining which shots you need to master. For example, a point guard should work on shooting off the dribble, and a shooting guard should focus on catch-and-shoot drills. Know your role and practice the shots you take in games. Put yourself in situations where you are likely to succeed, and give yourself the advantage, not the disadvantage.

Another important focus is shot selection. If you are a good shooter but always take bad shots, you will become a bad shooter. Take the same shots in games that you practice every day in your drills. Even during practice, you should move at game speed. This will help to develop your muscle memory and make you more consistent.

The following basketball shooting drills will help you become the best shooter you can be. When doing these drills, focus on mechanics and footwork . That way, in a game you'll naturally shoot the basketball the way you want to. It takes hundreds of repetitions to train your muscles to do something a certain way. Shooting the basketball is no exception, and that's why you need to spend a lot of time training.

Catch and Shoot Drills

Shooting Off the Dribble Drills

Shooting Out of the Triple Threat Position Drills

Shooting on the Move Drills

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