Be a More Explosive Basketball Player With the Post-to-Rim Drill

Develop the force and body control you need to dodge defenders on your way to the basket with the Post-to-Rim Drill.

Post to Rim

To finish your drive to the basket, you need two things: the ability to generate enough force to get enough elevation, and the body control to dodge defenders on your way to the rim. These skills require instincts and muscle memory, both of which you can develop by practicing movement patterns in on-court environments. The Post-to-Rim Touch Series is a complex warm-up for basketball players that helps develop each of these abilities. (See Finish at the Rim With New York Knick Iman Shumpert's Euro Step.)

In the Post-to-Rim drill, the rim is your target. You perform rim touch patterns without a basketball, which allows you to focus more on the movement leading up to the rim than the hand motion you need to score. The goal is to develop proper footwork, improve your jumping height, and practice maintaining your balance when landing. It's important to master the movement before adding the ball so that good habits are developed from the start. (See Get Footwork Like Dwight Howard.)

Regular implementation of this drill with different movements, angles and rim touch patterns will preview the various scenarios that players encounter when trying to score in the paint.

How to perform the Post-to-Rim Touch Series

  • Perform 2 to 4 sets of 8 reps using both sides of basket
  • Define your move and Rim Touch sequence before the drill starts
  • Set up on the block (one foot from the key)
  • Start working and calling for the ball, using proper footwork and hand placement
  • Catch post entry pass from coach
  • Pass back to coach, simulating a relocation pass multiple times
  • Coach catches ball and uses a verbal or visual cue for a relocation pass when you're ready
  • Follow the prescribed movement, touch the rim, and repeat
  • If you are unable to reach the rim, pick a different point that's safe and within reach

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