Power Balance Performance Bands: Do They Work?

Athletes claim Power Balance performance bands have the power to psychologically improve athletic performance.

Does Power Balance Work?

What do superstars like Derrick Rose, Drew Brees, and Matt Kemp have in common? Besides being athletically gifted, they are all firm believers that Power Balance performance bands work. Many athletes claim band technology has the power to psychologically improve their performance by increasing energy levels, improving balance, and stimulating the body. In addition to Olympians, athletes in the NBA, NFL and MLB swear by the bands, even attributing minor tweaks or improvements in their game to them.

Does Power Balance work?

Scientifically, no. Most of the products are constructed from materials that have no effect on the body. No scientific research studies support any health or performance benefits of band technology.

Then why do athletes wear Power Balance performance bands?

It's quite simple: the placebo effect. If an individual can convince himself that the band is helpful or beneficial in some way, then his game will improve based on psychology alone. In other words, if you believe it works, it will work. The average athlete will notice a small boost in performance because they push themselves a bit harder and think more positively.

Should I get a Power Balance performance band?

If you're not superstitious and don't believe in magic, probably not. Other than serving as a stylish accessory, the band won't affect your overall ability to excel in your sport. It won't help perfect your fadeaway jump shot or strengthen your pitching arm. However, if you do believe in magic, then it might be a good idea to invest in a Power Balance performance band.

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