'X-Men: First Class' Writers Take On 'Power Rangers' Movie

Producers are loading up on talent for an upcoming 'Power Rangers' movie.

Screenwriters Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, known for X-Men First Class and Thor, have signed on to write the script for the Power Rangers movie currently in development at Lionsgate.

The project is the latest venture for the popular franchise, which began as a 90's TV series, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Fox Kids and later Disney-owned channels. The series is now known as Power Rangers Super Megaforce. A movie was released in 1995. This new film is expected to completely re-imagine the story, which centers on a group of high school kids who combine their unique super powers and work as a team to save the world. The teens, who can morph into superheroes, must fight off alien invaders.

Roberto Orci, an accomplished screenwriter who worked on the Transformers and Star Trek films, will help develop the story and also serve as an executive producer. Also producing is Power Rangers franchise creator Haim Saban, along with Saban Brands' executives Brian Casentini and Allison Shearmur (The Hunger Games).

In a statement, Saban spoke enthusiastically about what the future holds for the Power Rangers. "Lionsgate is the perfect home for elevating our Power Rangers brand to the next level," adding "They have the vision, marketing prowess and incredible track record in launching breakthrough hits from The Hunger Games to Twilight and Divergent."


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock