Powerskating Playbook: How to Develop Your Outside Edge Technique

Two drills that will improve a skater's ability to turn tightly, pivot, and crossover efficiently and with balance.

Utilizing the outside edge is one of the most underappreciated and overlooked aspects of technical skating development for hockey. A skater's ability to turn tightly, pivot, and crossover with efficiency and balance takes his movement potential and agility to the next level. Here are two drills you can use to develop those attributes.

Criss­Cross Crossover

The movement begins by initiating a tight turn. Once you enter the turn, initiate a cut from the inside edge of the back leg, crossing the back leg in front of and over the front leg. As both legs switch positions, try to maintain a strong core and upright posture.

One important note for this exercise: the skate blades should always remain affixed to the ice surface.

Ski Slalom Power Turn

This drill is highly recommended for beginner to intermediate players who have not developed the confidence and balance to lead with their outside edge in turns.

Begin by sweeping the hockey stick across the ice aggressively. As the shoulders follow, lead with the inside leg, using the outside edge to carve a path into the ice. Alternate sides rapidly, and try to maintain a low center of gravity.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock