5 Turkey Bowl Pre-Game Pep Talks, Cheers and Chants

Need some help getting your Turkey Bowl team fired up? Check out this sampling of our favorite pre-game speeches and cheers.

Drew Brees Pep Talk

No pre-game routine is complete without a rousing speech from your coach or team captain. And this year's Turkey Bowl should be no different.

Need help getting your Turkey Bowl team fired up? Here's a sampling of some our favorite pre-game speeches and cheers, listed in order of intensity.

Lighthearted: Take 'Em to the Woodshed

Jon Gruden championed the woodshed mentality of his Tampa Bay Buccaneers teams in the 2000s.

"Going to the woodshed" was a metaphor for outworking a team that was favored to beat you. "Chopping wood" meant playing physical and being tougher than your opponent.

Before long, woodshed became part of the Bucs' identity.

Gruden's Woodshed Speech

"That stage out there is the most beautiful stage of all. The way I see it, it's the most beautiful woodshed I've ever seen. You take this team to the shed now. You do what you're here to do.

"Not a guy in this room feels any pressure. You apply it. Sixty minutes of speed and precision. That's a big, beautiful woodshed. Are we clear?

"Protect the ball!"

Short and Sweet: Make it Count

Bring 'em in, say what you've got to say, and get 'em out. That was Notre Dame head coach Dan Devine's formula for delivering a speech before the Fighting Irish's final game of the 1974 season, as portrayed in the movie Rudy.

After the team chaplain leads the men in prayer, Devine rises from the group and proclaims:

"You all know what you have to do. Remember, no one—and I mean NO ONE—comes into our house and pushes us around.

"This is your game now, gentlemen. Make it count, because you'll remember it for the rest of your lives."

Fired Up and "In the Zone": Drew Brees' Pregame Chant

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees is a master emcee when leading his team in the pre-game chant.

This cheer in the following video is guaranteed to get your group "in the zone."

Brees picked up his go-to chant during a 2010 USO tour of Guantanamo Bay. He leads the cheer (One), his teammates respond together (Two), and the pattern continues until everyone is yelling in unison "Win Again!" at the end:

"One—Two //Win—For You // Three—Four // Win—Some More // Five—Six // Win—For Kicks // Seven—Eight // Win—It's Great // Nine—Ten // Win—Again // Win—Again // Win—Again // Win—Again!"

"Amazing Passion": Gonna Fight

I'm not familiar with Derrick Moore, team chaplain for the Georgia Tech football team, but boy, does he bring the heat in this pre-game talk to the Yellow Jackets.

After sharing some sentiment about relationships that were forged among the players, Moore breaks the group down with the following chant:

"We gonna fight [Chorus repeats] // Until we can't fight no more [Chorus repeats]

We gonna lie down [Chorus repeats] // Rest awhile [Chorus repeats]

Gonna get up [Chorus repeats] // And fight some more." [Chorus repeats]

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