Prepare to Cringe as Mike Trout and His Teammates Prank Garrett Richards

Mike Trout masterminded a cruel April Fools' Day prank on teammate Garrett Richards.

Mike Trout Prank

Spring ball is a perfect time for MLB teams to get back into shape for the regular season without the stress of needing to win. Players can be more relaxed and have fun. Well, the Los Angeles Angels are definitely having fun, especially on this April Fools' Day.

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Mike Trout and a few of his teammates pulled an amazing prank on pitcher Garrett Richards. No one likes to be in the middle of a relationship squabble, but that's exactly where Richards's teammates put him. Trout started the devious plan, which involved putting Richards between a boyfriend and girlfriend who had different views on the direction of their romance.

I was uncomfortable just watching him in the situation.

The funny thing about it is that Richards set himself up by giving tough advice to the young lady, who was thinking about breaking up with her boyfriend. The boyfriend, of course, was planning to propose.  Watch the video below and be prepared to cringe.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock