Prized Michigan State Recruit Miles Bridges Hits His Head on the Rim During Tomahawk Dunk

Miles Bridges, an incoming freshman baller at Michigan State, put on a dunking clinic and hit his head on the rim.

Michigan State's basketball program lost its star, Denzel Valentine, to the NBA this off-season, but, as teams with coach Tom Izzo at the helm tend to do, the Spartans reloaded in a major way. Miles Bridges, the No. 8 high school recruit in the nation, will begin his freshman season in the fall, and if clips like the ones below are any indication, the kid is going to be a total freak.

Bridges put on the type of dunking clinic kids usually have to pay for at the Moneyball Pro-Am, a tournament held in Dimondale, Michigan. He mixed outrageous one-handed alley-oops (above) with tomahawk jams (below). On one  tomahawk, Bridges got so high he appears to have hit his head on the rim as he finished the slam with authority.

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Anyone playing Michigan State next season may want to get out of the way if they see Bridges streaking down the lane. There's about a 95 percent chance that if they were to stay put, they'd become part of Internet lore in the worst way possible.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock