8 Surprising Ways Pro Athletes Cross-Train

Today's pro athletes train in some very unique ways. Learn more about the cross-training of the stars through STACK.com.

Tony Kanaan (Indy Car Driver): Triathlons

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Tony Kanaan (Indy Car Driver): Triathlons

Photo: USA Today

Driving a car may sound easy, but Kanaan isn't exactly bopping over to the corner store for milk. He's taking turns at triple-digit speeds and creating gravitational forces of up to 5G's—meaning his 160-pound body is under 800 pounds of compressive force when his car hits top speed. As if that weren't enough, Kanaan also takes his hobby—endurance sports—to the extreme.  In 2012, he completed an Ironman Triathlon, where competitors swim 2.4 miles, cover another 112 miles by bike, and finish by completing a full (26.2 mile) marathon.

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