The NFL Unveils Brand New Pro Bowl Uniforms

The NFL has unveiled new uniforms for the 2014 Pro Bowl. Check out the photos at

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New Pro Bowl Uniforms

Photo via the NFL

For years, the NFL has tried to find ways to generate more interest in the Pro Bowl. Pro football's annual all-star game usually features guys going at half speed to avoid injury and other players dropping out before the game even begins. Big changes hit in 2013: Kickoffs were eliminated and captains were chosen to "draft" teams instead of trotting out the traditional AFC vs. NFC format.

Now the uniforms are being updated.

The new "Nike NFL Elite 51" uniforms resemble some of the new duds we've routinely seen college teams wear this season, and the colors have a slight Oregon-Oklahoma State vibe. Will these new unis pique your interest in the 2014 Pro Bowl?

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock