ProBar: What All Whole Food Bars Should Taste Like

Meal replacement bars are notorious for being dry and lackluster . STACK expert Taylor Sparks sampled ProBars and gives us her opinion on this whole food.


Have you had your fill of protein bars? Although each one seems to promise more of one great thing or another, quite honesty most of them taste like low quality chocolate-covered sawdust. (Plus, some just aren't healthy like they claim; here's how to tell.)

Despite most bars' lack of taste, their convenience and nutritional value keep us reaching for them at snack time or mealtime. Amp up from your current blah choice with ProBar, a 100% vegan organic bar. Available in eight original flavors, ProBars combine whole grains, chunky nuts and fruits. The Fruition line offers seven flavors of  a fruit-based, gluten-free snack bar with oats, chia seeds and cashews; and the Halo line includes four between-meal treat bars with flavors like s'mores and rocky road.

Each Original ProBar contains 15 whole foods, "blended not baked," about 70% of which are raw. This means you're getting a bar that's nutritionally dense and not over-processed. You meet your protein needs, but with a blend of whole grains and naturally dried fruits, with fiber and carbohydrates, for a low glycemic mix that can get you through and beyond any workout.

ProBar Fruition bars have only 160 calories in a snack-sized blend of gluten-free raw oats, chia seeds and cashews. This isn't your average fruit-filled jelly bar. This bar has chunks of fruit that make you feel like you are eating real food. It's not a mash-up of stuff thrown together. Our testers loved the Cran-Raspberry and Chocolate Orange bars.

You no longer have to skimp on lunch or dinner so you can have a great dessert—and all the delicious calories that go with it. ProBar puts indulgence in a bar full of flavor that tastes like a dessert but is still good for you. The S'more flavor actually has hunks of marshmallows (not those itty bitty pieces), chocolate, oats and graham crackers. Or choose Honey Graham or Nutty Marshmallow. They say Halo bars have "zero grams of guilt." At 150 calories, we suggest you try two.

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